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About Us

Over the past 10 years, customers have been using Food Ordering Platforms to find the best deals, discover new restaurants and to make the whole ordering process simple. The concept is great, but what a lot of customers didn't realise is the true cost of these platforms. On average a typical restaurant will pay between £20k to £60k per year just to receive your order, leaving local businesses trying to find ways to cut costs, many of which were detrimental to the local community.

Takeaway Heroes is on a simple mission, to transform the industry and to help local businsses thrive again. Unlike our competitors we don't charge commission meaning that businesses can expand, gaain better ingredients whilst passing on the savings to you.

So why Takeaway Heroes? Well we decided on the name that represents what we are trying to achieve. We are on the mission to not only improve the industry but to disrupt it with a completely new model that works in the interest of both you, the customer and the restaurant. This means that although we provide the platform, its you that is the real hero as by every order you place on our platform you are helping businesses save thousands. So why not join up today, place an order and become a local Takeaway Hero. In return we will get the best deals, exclusive offers and even give you an option to win a FREE meal every week just by placing an order with us.

Lee Pedley, Chief Technology Officer

Become your local Takeaway Hero, order your favourite food whilst helping local businesses in your mobile!

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